Instructions for Poster Presenters

Poster Session and Data Workshop

On behalf of RADECS 2024 Organizing Committee, the Poster and Data Workshop (DW) Sessions Co-Chairs inform that:

  • The poster assembly will take place on the morning of Tuesday, 17th September, at the ground level in the ExpoMeloneras Conference Centre.
  • The mandatory presentation of your work will be at either the Poster or DW session:
    • Poster Session: Wednesday, 18th September
    • Data Workshop: Thursday, 19th September
  • The poster teardown will be by noon on Friday, 20th September. Posters not taken down by close of business Friday will be discarded.

Please read the instructions below carefully, as some important information is provided regarding the poster size, choice of background and printing for your poster presentation.

Poster size and mounting instructions

  • The total available area for your poster has a width (horizontal dimension) of 940 mm (37.0 inches), and a height (vertical dimension) of 2340 mm (92 inches). However, it is recommended to limit to A0 portrait format, i.e., 841 mm (33.0 inches) width and 1189 mm (46.8 inches) height.

  • Each board will be referenced by an identification sign placed in the upper corner of the poster board, and that includes the abstract number, session letter, conference sponsor logo and a QR code, generated by RADOCS, to download the corresponding abstract.

  • Posters will be mounted with adhesive velcro. Velcro patches will be provided at each poster board. You will just have to find yours!

Best practice recommendations

  • If possible, please include a small photograph of the presenting author near the top of the poster. This allows the audience to recognize the presenter of the poster paper.
  • Although, it is not mandatory, we invite you to include the logo of RADECS 2024 or our first-ever RADECS mascot "Canarito". Click to download them!
  • Prepare and practice a 1-3 minute “elevator pitch” that effectively summarizes your work. Be prepared to provide additional details for some audience members.
  • The poster should be self‐guiding because many conference attendees will read your poster at times other than the normal session, and hence in the absence of the poster presenter. This means that you should take care of defining all acronyms and terms that may be unfamiliar to the general audience at RADECS. If helpful, include numbered sections as a guide for the audience. You should not put your typewritten paper on the poster board.
  • All text must be clearly readable from a distance of 2 meters (6 feet), as clusters of people will surround the poster boards during the session.
  • Some style suggestions to improve readability:
    • Use dark text on simple light backgrounds and a large, sans serif font such as Arial or Helvetica as these are easier to read in a presentation.
    • Avoid using the following color combinations to accommodate audience members that may have a color vision deficiency (i.e., color blindness): Red and Green, Brown and Green, Purple and Blue, Blue and Green, Yellow and Light Green, Grey and Blue, Grey and Green, Black and Green